FFC's 21st International Conference and Expo on Functional Foods

Date: 25-26th March, 2017

Place: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA, USA


Main Conference Topics/Sessions:

  • Functional Food Definition and the Status of Functional Foods in Japan, China, USA and other Countries
  • Health Claims: Nutraceutical, Functional and Medical Food Regulations
  • The Effects of Nutrition and Functional Foods on Aging and Health
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics and Digestive Health
  • Functional Foods with Bioactive Compound(s): Prevention and Management of Non-communicable Diseases (Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Neurological, and CVD)
  • Safety of the Bioactive Compounds and Functional Foods
  • Allometric Scaling from Rodents to Humans
  • Functional Foods, Bioactive Compounds and Microbiome
  • Current Research and Development of New Functional Food Products.
  • Dietary Exosomes and their Cargos
  • Immunomodulation by Functional Foods: Promising Concept for Chronic Disease and Healthy Aging

For more details about the Sessions and main conference topics please click here.