Management structure


The overall management structure will endorse already existing links between PATHWAY-27 partners and build and strengthen new interactions, especially by enabling and fostering the transfer of complementary expertise between the involved research and industry players and countries. Within the PATHWAY-27 Consortium, each participant will take an active part in the efficient implementation of the Project, and will cooperate, perform and fulfill, promptly and on time, all of its obligations as foreseen in the Grant Agreement.

The main challenges of PATHWAY-27 will be addressed through the organizational structure described in the figure above and through decision-making processes which have been developed from previous experience of coordination of complex trans-sectorial, inter-disciplinary collaborative RTD projects (PATHWAY-27 has 25 partners distributed across 12 EU Member States, and 1 Candidate Country).

The governance structure of the Consortium has 3 common organizational levels (see figure above). The roles of individual partners in the project have been distributed on the basis of the different responsibilities and main tasks to be performed so as to ensure systematic and effective management and communication.

a)    Coordination: the University of Bologna (UniBo) has very extensive experience in international and European research projects, successfully participating in 182 FP7-funded projects. As far as the FP7 KBBE theme is concerned, UniBo is participating 35 KBBE- funded projects (coordinating 8 of these).
The Project Coordinator is Dr. Alessandra Bordoni, a human nutritionist, whose experience lies in the field of plant bioactives. Dr. Bordoni is already very experienced in EU projects since she has participated in the FP6 and FP7 projects HighQRTE, BaSEFood, NAMASTE and CHANCE. She will be ultimately responsible for the overall coordination of the project, especially but not only on its scientific content and delivery. The major tasks and responsibilities of the Coordinator will be to:

•    supervise and monitor the research program; direct research progress toward the objectives and milestones; ensure adherence to the project timetable and optimise overall impact;
•    alert the Commission's representative as soon as possible to any issue likely to affect the attainment of deliverables and milestones, and to propose appropriate contingencies to address such issues;
•    represent the PATHWAY-27 Consortium in negotiations and discussions with the EC; distribute funds among partners;
•    oversee, collect and prepare the technical and financial reports according to agreed timescales; submit these to the EC; convene, organise and chair project meetings.

b)    Co-Coordination: the co-coordinator will support the coordinator in activities related to scientific supervision and monitoring of the research program, in order to ensure the adherence to the project goals. He will also support the Coordinator in supervising and ensuring collection and preparation of the technical and financial reports. The PATHWAY-27 Co-coordinator will be Dr. Luigi Ricciardiello, who is very experienced in diet-related disease prevention through his participation in several National and International projects.

c)    Support Team (ST): this team will be composed of academics and researchers from the coordinating Institution (UNIBO) having extensive complementary expertise to that of the Coordinator (see figure below).

Their role will be to assist and advise the Coordinator in monitoring and reviewing the foreground generated within a multidisciplinary approach, an holistic development of foods enriched with bioactives compounds and health claims development. The ST's multidisciplinary competences mirror the synergic expertise required to efficiently tackle the project's scientific objectives, develop and disseminate guidelines for production of novel functional foods productions and optimize overall impact which requires an effective integration of diversified and complementary skills.

Dr. Alessandra Bordoni

Project Coordinator

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Dr. Luigi Ricciardiello


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