Pathway-27 Consortium


PATHWAY-27 includes 25 partners broadly distributed in Europe: west to east, south to north Europe, including one Candidate Country (Turkey). The EU Consortium consists of different organisation types, namely: Universities, Research Institutes and SMEs.

Partners in Finland



VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a non-profit government organisation. From its wide knowledge base, VTT can combine different technologies, create new innovations and a wide range of world-class technologies and applied research services, thus improving its clients' competitiveness and competence. VTT Group is the largest public applied research activity in Northern Europe with a staff of 2800 and turnover M€280. VTT has 70 years of experience in addressing the needs of industry and the knowledge-based society. VTT's key technology fields include: Applied materials, Bio- and chemical processes, Energy, ICT, Industrial systems, Microtechnologies and electronics, Services and the built environment, and Business Research. VTT has participated in more than 1000 European R&D Framework Programme projects, within various thematic programmes.
The food research at VTT aims at developing technology and expertise for innovative use of raw materials in foods for well-being. The specific targets are to 1) develop innovative bioprocessing technologies (use of enzymes and starter cultures), 2) engineer of food structure 3) modify physiological functionality, 4) improve and commercialize of food technologies.
Previous experience related to the tasks. VTT has over 15 years experience in research and development of health-promoting wholegrain and bran-enriched wheat, oat and rye products. Recently, the main focus has been on controlled modification of dietary fibre components (as beta-glucan) and proteins for improved technological and nutritional properties of cereal products... In addition, VTT has been active in development of ß-glucan enriched oat bran fractions, developing a patented dry method. By this method we have been able to concentrate ß-glucan in oat bran with as high as 34 % concentration. The higher concentration of ß-glucan facilitates its applicability in food products in physiologically relevant amounts.

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