Pathway-27 Consortium


PATHWAY-27 includes 25 partners broadly distributed in Europe: west to east, south to north Europe, including one Candidate Country (Turkey). The EU Consortium consists of different organisation types, namely: Universities, Research Institutes and SMEs.

Partners in Spain



Its object is focused on the development and manufacture of raw materials for making bread, specialty breads, pastries and confectionery. This highly specialized part of our company's R & D in the food industry.
Our company brings together a large group of professionals with over 20 years of industry experience to result in the development of products offered meet the needs of professionals and highly demanding a consumer. Provide and offer customized products for niche markets, along with the ability to adapt our products for different needs, makes us very competitive to be able to work from home customer direct.

Scientific responsible: Joaquín Salvo Burriel (




Abro Biotec was born in Valbuena de Duero (Spain) as a new biotechnology company. It invests heavily in research that identifies the molecular structures shown to provide specific health benefits. In addition, Abro Biotec also relentlessly tests its products at both the laboratory and clinical levels, using both in vitro and in vivo research to help tailor products to specific health concerns. Abro Biotec´s products are developed for the health needs and concerns of modern science, employing natural polyphenols from red grape of D.O Ribera de Duero as the "raw material." Abro Biotec's activity is fitted inside Biotechnology's Companies (EB) and Industrial Companies, of Services and Commercial (EIB). His principal activities are included in the corresponding areas to:
Development, production, marketing and sale of natural extracts dedicated to food, pharmaceutical industries, of cosmetics, etc.
Rendering of services of scientific and technical research to the food-processing sector of the region.
Company objectives:
1. Provision of scientific and technical research in the agri-food sector in the region.
2. Research biotechnology to increase the added value of our natural extracts, characterizing and quantifying the beneficial effects of the polyphenolic extracts on human and / or animal health.
3. Design, development and standardization of the phytotherapeutic extract and characterization of the active ingredients with polyphenols structure for its implementation in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutritional-functional fields.
4. Design a marketing plan based on continued technical arguments of the properties that were shown by biomedical research projects being carried out.
5. Marketing and selling products.
6. Establishment of an observatory for the acquisition of biotechnology patents and technology transfer related to the collection, purification and concentration of polyphenolic extracts of natural origin.

Scientific responsible:

Alberto Guadarrama Rodríguez (

Marisa Sanz (


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AINIA is a technological research centre focused in the agro-food sector and related industries with more than 1100 associated companies. Ainia's mission is to promote research and technological development in the agrofood sector, to increase the quality of production, improve competitiveness and promote modernisation and diversification in the agro-food industries, through the execution of scientific research projects and public or private technological development.

Previous experience related to the tasks. Evaluation the biological effect of food and food ingredient on different metabolic pathway, in relation to health and prevention of disease risk. In vitro studies based on cell cultures .Development and innovation of food product Formulation and improvement of nutritional properties, new ingredients for the reformulation of food products, amongst others. In vitro studies of bioavailability and capacity for nutrient absorption by an artificial in vitro digestive system. Experience in quality control and food safety. Detection, control and characterization of spoilage microorganisms and foodborne pathogens by classical methods based on molecular biology. Food testing, nutritional and functional parameters. Moreover, legislative routine analyses are daily performed such as micotoxines, pesticides and antibiotics residues, heavy metals, etc. Development of information portals and collaborative web-based tools. Integration of distributed electronic data sources.. Food chain requirements analysis and information model development. Design of decision support tools.

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