Pathway-27 Consortium


PATHWAY-27 includes 25 partners broadly distributed in Europe: west to east, south to north Europe, including one Candidate Country (Turkey). The EU Consortium consists of different organisation types, namely: Universities, Research Institutes and SMEs.

Partners in Turkey



Ege University was founded on May 20th, 1955 and initiated its teaching and academic activities on March 9th 1956. There are 603 laboratories employed for specific training and research projects conducting by the faculties, schools, institutes and research and application centers. Ege University is currently composed of 11 Faculties, 6 Schools, 7 Vocational Schools, a State Turkish Music Conservatory, 8 Institutes, 5 Departments in special status and 27 Research and Application Centers. There are 3252 teaching staff and 4000 administrative personnel in Ege University consisting of 12400 graduates, 29455 undergraduate, 4726 postgraduates and doctorate students, 495 specialists in medicine in total 47080, by 2010-2011 academic year.
PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE RELATED TO THE TASKS. Effects of food processing and in vitro digestion on the production of bioactive peptides. Separation of bioactive peptides obtained from boza, a fermented beverage, lentils, common dry beans and dry pinto beans, according to their molecular weights. Development of functional vegetable products containing seed and sprouts and caseinomacropeptide isolated from whey. Determination of health effects including antidiabetic activity, cholesterol-lowering effect, ACE inhibitory activity, hemagglutinating activity of these products.
Protease inhibitors in various cereal flours and breads and effects of fermentation, baking and in vitro digestion on trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibitory activity. Nanodelivery system formed by self-assembly of hydrolysed α-lactalbumin. Effect of food processing and in vitro digestion on polyphenols in various foods. Formation of stable sodium caseinate-gum arabic complex for nanoencapsulation and delivery of EPA/DHA fatty acids in fruit juice. In vitro bioaccessibility of oenzymeQ10 in meats and enriched yogurts with emulsified CoQ10, gamma-cyclodextrin CoQ10 complex and nanoparticle CoQ10 preparations.

Scientific responsible: Dr. Sibel Karakaya (, Prof. Dr. Sedef Nehir EL (


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